Sort order not as specified


I am currently trying to sort my citations in order of aaperance. EndNote however sorts them by Author Last Name. I have checked the sort order of both Citations and Bibliography which is listed as Order of apperance, so I am a little lost as to why the program then does something else?



Are you certain the correct output style is specified in the word processing document and not in the Endnote program?  check the endnote ribbon/toolbar in the document.  If so, can you attach the output style you are using?  

Actually I can’t find the ribbon/toolbar in the document and having restrated both programs it did not appear.

I am using a download from the EndNote page “European Journal of Public Health”

Thanks for answering.


If it isn’t there, then you don’t know what style is being used (and is likely the wrong style, hence your dilema)! 

what versions of word/endnote and what operating system and verison are you using?   If you lost them, see this: 

if you never saw them, this might contain the solution: