Sorting doesn't seem to be working properly

Dear all,

I have opened a saved version of my EndNote X2 library from my work computer in my laptop EndNote X3 version. Normally my library sorts correctly by author then date.  When I open the saved version, it isn’t sorting by author - it appears to be in random order.  I’ve checked the Tools menu and it has correctly stated that I am sorting by Author then Date.  When I click on the Author column to sort, it doesn’t seem to do anything (ie. the names are definitely not alphabetical).  When I click on the Date column, it curiously does sort by date, but when I go back and click on Author column, it goes back to being completely out of order again.

Is this some sort of weird incompatibility between the different versions or is there some other solution that I am missing here?

Many thanks for any help. 

Well, I am using X6 (for the Mac) and have exactly the same problem. Have you received any reply from Thomson-Reuters?