Style in Radiology


I am looking for these styles and templates if possible, would you share with me ? There is not much in Endnote, unluckily :cry:

journal of magnetic resonance
investigative radiology

european radiology
magnetic resonance imaging
clinical radiology
british journal of radiology
european journal of radiology

Many thanks in advance !

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Take a look at this thread:

Let me know if you can’t find close templates, for each of your journal.


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Dear Myoshigi,

This style : SG2 Ap (Yr) Ti Jo Vol Page-pediatric radiol.ens

can be used for European Journal of Radiology and European Radiology.

I did not find a style for the other revues.

Thanks a lot, it is a start!

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You’re welcome. Many journal styles are very similar, and you don’t need to use styles made exactly for your journals. With a little bit tweaking and customizing, those templates should serve as good templates. Let us know if you have a trouble in the customizing. Also, if you can’t find the starting templates in that thread, please provide author instruction about how your journlas want to format “journal article”.


Im trying to find (create/customize) reference style for  European Journal of Nuclear Medicine and Molecular Imaging in Reference Manager 12.

I found only reference styles for Endnote and those are not working for Reference Manager 12.

Does anyone have this type of reference style?

thanks in advance

I suggest contacting RefMan Tech support or reviewing the materials/tutorials on how to edit styles in Ref Man literature/manual etc (see  I don’t think the Endnote forum users are going to be able to help on this.