support to export enw files

Hello EndNote,

Would it be possible to support enw export file-type in ‘File’ → ‘Export…’ with ‘Output style’ → EndNote Export. In that case it would be great to be able to have the choice (automatic) in the ‘Save as type’ an ‘Endnote export (*.enw’)’ option.

Now I need to add .enw to the file name in ‘File name’.

Missing this type in ‘Save as type’ makes also browsing the directory structure more difficult for enw files (have to put in the File name the text '*.enw").

Thanks for considering this.

All the best,


Hi Victor,

Can you provide a little more details around why you are exporting in .enw and how you’re using it outside EndNote?  Typically this is only used when importing data into EndNote.


 - Mathilda, the EndNote team

Hello everyone,

we have the same issue.

We want to use the Endnote export file to process the data further into a visualisation in Gephi. They need a enw file to import.

Would be great if you could advise on how to export a file that is compatible.

Thanks very much

Kind Regards