Usefulness (and availability) of Word2007 templates for APA 6th

I’m a doctoral candidate evaluating EndNote X3 with Word2007, and find that the only templates available for APA are for the (now obsolete) 5th edition.  I assume that the templates for APA 6th will eventually be forthcoming.

  • Are the templates generally userful and accurate?
  • Can we expect them any time soon?

 Thanks for your input.

Template or Style.  For the style, see

Template, definitely!  I’ve downloaded & installed the 6th ed. style files. They seem to work as advertised for citations & references. The template(s) would-if well done–be a big help with all the little nit-picky changes in APA 6 (e.g., new hierarchy & styles for headings, changes in punctuation).

I think you will find that templates in Endnote were not picked up by many users and the developers seem to have stopped developing those (due to lack of requests) - but they don’t seem to want to remove the facility for users like yourself.  I am not sure how easier they are for users to adapt?  Any power users out there with any experience to help out?  – not one of the features I ever use.

Thanks, Leanne -

Hope there’s somebody out there who can help. I got a bit spoiled by a much less expensive product (APA Perrla) which included a very accurate APA 5 template (done as cascading style sheets in Word, I believe).  I’m sure it can be done from within Word, but i’m a bear of very little brain!

Hey man, I saw your post, and I happen to have this – Hope it helps.  I don’t even remember where I got it!

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well guess what they don’t allow .dot files as attachments on this website — How about you give me your email address and I’ll shoot it to ya? 

You can change the .dot part of the name to .ens and then after downloading, he can name it back to .dot. 

Okay thanks, I will try that.  I hope it works …


APA 6th.ens (27.5 KB)

Thanks, Steven. I’ll give it a try!



 Do you have a Word 2007 Template which is compatible with APA 6th Edition and EndNote X3?

My email address is:


Doug -

I’m no longer using EndNote, but Steve’s template (attached above) is pretty good.  Just download & change the file extension from .ens to .dot.

Good luck