Track changes problem


I am using word 2003 and Reference manager 10. I gave my word document to someone else who tracked changes in it (they use word 2003 too), which I have done before with no problems. But this time when I got it back it had a lot of changes that correspond to where i have inserted references using reference manager - the baloon says field code changed. If I look at each change individually so when I get to this one it changes and says “inserted” and a it dumps a whole load of rubbish in my document which looks ike this:

ADDIN REFMGR.CITE <Refman><Cite><Author>Ferri</Author><Year>2005</Year><RecNum>614</RecNum><IDText>Global prevalence of dementia: a Delphi consensus study</IDText><MDL Ref_Type=“Journal”><Ref_Type>Journal</Ref_Type><Ref_ID>614</Ref_ID><Title_Primary>Global prevalence of dementia: a Delphi consensus

but goes on for about a page. If I accept all changes without touching them, this does not insert, but more than half of my references are mising from the list at the end, nearly all of the ones where I have removed the author look like (, 2003) instead of (2003) and some of them I am unable to edit the citation - when I try it comes up with the error message “The selection does not contain any editable citations”.

Does anyone have any suggestions? The document is quite large and there are quite a lot of references so it would be pretty tedious to put them all in again!!