How to switch reference manager off?

Hi folks,

I think this should be a simple request, but I just can’t remember out how to do it!

Basically I’m working in Word (Office 2007) with ReMan 11…(I realise that these two aren’t really compatible)

I have to use tracked changes for the document I’m working on, and I’m trying to keep the number of changes/comments to a minimum, however, every now and again, when I’m not looking, refMan goes and craps all over my document…and there aren’t enough “undos” in the world to get my document back as it was. 

I just copied a sentence from an old version of the doc I’m working on into the current versions, then for no apparent reason Refman switced the in-text citation from my own “draft manuscript style” to “J Clin Oncol” (no idea why - neither of the docs were using this. Because tracked changes were on the document is now littered with crossed out citations (the format I wanted to use - [blogs et al., 2009]and replaced with superscript numbers). If I reapply my own biblio style, the numbers go but I’m left with a crossed out citation and a non-crossed out one.

I’m either going to have to start from scratch again, or go through all the citations and ‘accept/reject’ the changes to get it back to normal (the number of “field code chaged” / “format” changes is horrific!), but I can’t just accept all changes because I need to leave a trailso my reviewer can see what has changed.

Basically I don’t want refman doing anything while tracked changes are switched on. I want it to ask me before it goes and ruins everything again! I’m sure I remember a way to use refman manually - so that you have some control over what it does.

can anyone help?