transfering endnote

I have a new computer and, whne purchase, I  downloaded end note onto my last oneHence I have no disc. . How do I get it transfered to my new computer?


The easiest way I have found,  is to write down your activation and serial numbers (which I assume you still have in an email?) The serial number is in the “about” splash page of the installed version.  Then download the “trial version” and activate it from that option.  If it was an upgrade copy, you will also need the serial number from the old version (on a CD case or in the manual, or email from that download.  Alternatively, if you registered it, a phone call to sales might help you locate the necessary numbers? 


I shall try this–very helpful

Mind you, the current “trial” version is X5, so if you were using an older version and don’t want to upgrade, that won’t work…

Leanne’s helpful as always!

A few additions: you can download versions of slightly older installers than X5 on our Frequently Asked Questions page about this topic here.

Additionally, here’s information about locating your Product Key and serial number information. As mentioned there, if  you still cannot find it, the best department to speak to is our Customer Support department. They should be able to assist you further.