Can an Endnote license be transfered?

I’m trying to find out whether or not Endnote licenses can be transfered to another pc when a user upgrades?


We purchased a 5-user workstation package for windows. 

All 5 licenses have been used.  

Some of the users are in the process of upgrading hardware.

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Yes, it is my understanding that it is transferable, as long as it is no longer still in use on another computer.

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Hello karlacd,

You may want to contact the Sales department as they can give you more accurate information about the license you purchased.  But as long as you remove EndNote from the old computer, you would be able to install EndNote on the new computer.

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Thanks, PTravis and Leanne

I will be removing the software from the old computers.

Is there any process I need to follow to “unregister” the product before installing on the new pc’s?

I did send a query to the Sales dept before posting to the forum, but haven’t received a reply yet.

No, there is no process you need to follow to deregister it. They trust us! Once installed on the new computer you do not need to activate it or reregister with ISI, just need to enter the original number from the box or write it down before removing it from the old computer (it is in the help, about window).

Thanks so much for the help.

Just to let you know, the sales dept did reply confirming what you have said:

Yes, you can transfer and install the EndNote program on to the new machines.  This does NOT violate the license agreement.

- Bob Farrell

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This post is pretty old - does it still apply to Endnote X7? I’ve just done a test install (I’m IT) for my client on a VM just to see what EndNote installs and now I’d like to get rid. There doesn’t appear to be an “deactivate” on the menu - just a grayed out “Activate EndNote” option.

So one is assuming it’s still a trust system.

Thanks, Rob.

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Hello Rob,

This still applies to EndNote X7. You just unistall on the system you no longer wish to use and install on the system you wish to use.


Thanks for the clarification. Cheers, Rob.

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Have Endnote X7 on old laptop, want to transfer to new laptop and from looks of this forum can use current license key I have.

How to I physically transfer the endnote software from the old laptop to the new laptop.

Apologies but I’m no IT expert!


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You can download the software to your new machine from the following link:

You will need your product key to install.

You can contact Customer Service if you are unable to find your key:

Orders, billing, shipping or serial numbers
Monday – Friday, 8 a.m. – 6 p.m. Eastern (GMT -5)

+1-800-336-4474, press 3


I have a pretty old version (I think it was X6) on my old computer that I’ve been using for a long time without updating. I’ve changed to a new computer for a year now and was just using the endnote web. 

Can I still transfer the license to the new computer? If so, how do I do that?

Do I need to pay for updating to the new version in order to transfer? Where can I find the old license number (I don’t have the original box or anything…)? 

Thank you very much


You should be able to find the Serial Number using the following steps:

You can find the download of EndNote X6 on our website:

You would only need to purchase the EndNote Upgrade which is offered to you at a lower price since you have purchased a previous version of EndNote.

 You can place your order through our purchase page ( or you may also contact our sales team for more information on upgrades and current offers. You can find their contact information here (

Hi, I had Endnote X7.7.1 on an old computer and I need to transfer it to my new laptop. I just uninstalled it after copying the key (under my name in help/about). I installed a new endnote but I got X7.8 and when I put the key it said “You did not enter a valid product key for your new copy of EndNote”. Did I do anything wrong? What should I do?


The number under about is your Serial Number. You  need your Product Key to install.

Please Contact Customer Service to get your Product Key:

800-336-4474 (at the prompt press 3)

or via the form at