Trying to understand my EN20 library and recreate it for EN 21

My EN20 library consists of two things: an .enl file and a folder (Data) with subfolder “sdb” and two sub-files “pdp.eni” and “sdb.eni”, both very small in size.

Puzzlingly, the .enl file date has the same creation and modification date (ie both have the same date). Both are a year old, though I’ve been updating the library for all this time. Does that mean anything? I don’t see why it hasn’t shown a later modification date.

I’m now using EN21 and wanted to rename and move the former library to a new location or recreate it afresh as my EN21 library. How can I best do this? (I tried saving a copy, but it’s not the same as the original library.)

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It would help if there was a good description on the Library structure.
(and how it works)

Is this for me? I don’t think I understand the question.
Standard structure. The dates are shown (but the library is synced to EN Web and maybe that is how things should look?)

I meant that it would help if Clarivate explained the structure of the EndNote Library, IE the .enl and other files, and how the Library works. This would aid users.

historically, at least since Endnote8, the .enl file has just really been a pointer to the database folder. you can recreate an empty .enl file with a text only editor with the same name as the .DATA folder and put it in the same parent folder as the .DATA folder and endnote will open it just fine. Having said that, I have no idea of the structure within the .DATA folder, but do know if saving to a cloud, it is easily corrupted,