Two key features are missing in EndNote 20

Two extremely important features have gone missing in EndNote 20. 

  1. Prior to EndNote 20, I was able to search within a search result, by selecting the “Search Showing” option; however, now in EndNote 20 this option is gone! 

  2. Prior to EndNote 20, when I clicked on a reference, it would immediately show the contents of the associate PDF on the right panel for quick browsing. In EndNote 20, I have to select the reference, then select the PDF, then click on a browser, then the PDF will appear. This makes it extremely inefficient to " quickly" view and browse through many reference PDFs.

Please bring back these two IMPORTANT features into EndNote 20, that made prior verions a pleasure to use! Thank you!

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Prior to EndNote X20, I could select a reference in EndNote and with 1-click insert it into Word.

Now this requires typing in a search term and a number of clicks.

Inserting references is the entire reason to use EndNote, why would you remove this capability.

I moved from X20 back to X9. My research group has been trying to move to Zotero. I may just stop fighting them.

In the update 20.1:

  • The PDF Preview Pane is back. This is good news; however, the default is the “Summary” pane. Please provide the option to set the default pane to “PDF Preview”, under Preferences. 

- The “Search Showing” option is still not back. Please bring back this important option.