Unspecified error - followed by CHANGING my references!@!!!1

I’ve had this happen twice on a long manuscript.  I’m ready to do this the old way.  I receive an unspecified error message then 2 particular references are always changed (i.e. they replace correct references with errant ones).  This seems to be embedded in word somehow as even if I go back to a previously saved file that was correct, the errors follow along…

Quite befuddled.  Any suggestions???

Version of Endnote? Are they shifted? http://www.endnote.com/support/Faqs/CWYW/faq22.asp


They don’t shift.  It just changes 2 particular references over and over. 

the references at the bottom of the document are deleted as well.  I can control-z to undo the references deletion, but the errant insertion remains and isn’t necessarily confined to just one spot. 


I would phone tech support.  But first, did you try unformatting the document, cleaning up the fields (select all and unlink fields, if you haven’t any other major fields in the document- this shouldn’t affect codes in headers/footers) - looking at those endnote records causing the problem to see if they are weird in any way,  and then reformating, remembering to turn CWYW back on from the third tab of the format references dialog box?