Update request for the Harvard style in Endnote Web


I was told by Leanne (mentor) that I… “…can use this forum to submit your request for the creation of a new output style (or the modification of an existing one). When you submit this information, your request is brought to the attention of our Content Group. Once the style is created or updated, it will be submitted for inclusion into EndNote online.”

So here is the problem I’m having.

The problem concerns Endnote Web (not normal Endnote).

I’m using Endnote Web with Microsoft Word 2010 and 2013. I set Endnote Web to the Harvard style. When I select several citations and insert them, they look like this:

…occur in a linear fashion (Godin, 2006 , Price and Bass, 1969). The model…

The problem is that the Harvard style is supposed to separate different authors/citations with a semicolon, not a comma. (There is a comma instead of a semicolon between “Godin, 2006” and “Price and Bass, 1969”).

Also, when I select two (or more) references by the same author (and his name is spelled the same way in both, without any additional co-authors) then I get this result:

(Fagerberg , 2004, Fagerberg, 2013)

…instead of this:

(Fagerberg 2004, 2013)

So to my knowledge, the Harvard style that comes with Endnote Web does not follow the Guide to the Harvard Style of Referencing, september 2010.

Can someone help me with this?

Word→EndNote tool bar→Edit & Manage Citations

Selec the seconde ref, Edit Citations→Exclude the author→OK

HowSci – that only works with the desktop version and not the online version of Endnote.  


I am having the same problem. Did you figure out out to fix it? If so can you tell me what to do?

Thank you.