How to change this (Thomas, Wilson 1991) to this (Thomas and Wilson 1991)


How to change this (Thomas, Wilson 1991) to this (Thomas and Wilson 1991) in the literature cited within the text?

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You don’t mention the output style you’re using but assuming it’s the appropriate one for your discipline or journal and this is meant to be a global change throughout the entire document, you’ll need to adjust the Author Lists  “Author Separators” setting:

  1. Go to the EndNote toolbar, select EDIT, OUTPUT STYLES, NAME [of the style you’re using]. This command sequence will cause the style’s dialog window to pop-up onscreen.

  2. In the left column of the dialog window locate “Citations” then click on “Author Lists”. On the right locate “Author Separators” and on the line for 1 to 2 authors, delete the comma sign and type-in: and   
    NOTE : Also include one blank space before and after “and”.   If you need to adjust the separators used fo 3 to 100 authors or any of the settings shown, continue to make whatever changes are needed.

  3. Close the output style dialog box.  The change will be saved as a copy so you will need to ajust your EndNote and MS Word settings to use the “Copy” output style file.

This is a setting in the style you are using.  It looks like a style has been changed to separate authors by the comma.  Edit Output styles > edit “yourstyle”, then in the citation Author List settings for 1 to 2 authors and the between box should be blank and the “before last” should have t;he word “and” with a space before and after it. 

Thank you CrazyGecko but I forgot to mention that I’m using EndNote web in Word 2007. Hope you can help me!


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I was under the impression that style formatting via EndNote Web is “fixed” - meaning users cannot modify the styles and must submit a request to Thomson Reuters to develop a new style as described in this FAQ shown below.

An alternative might be to download the references from EndNote Web to a library on your desktop (assuming you have the EndNote program installed on your computer; modify the output style; then work from your computer instead of the Web. 

=====FAQ: Article # 101407 from Thomson Reuters Support Knowledge Database =====

Endnote Web: Creating new output styles or modifying existing styles

If an Output Style is missing or needs updating to match the publisher requirements, you can submit a request using this online form:

Use this form to submit your request for the creation of a new output style (or the modification of an existing one). When you submit this form, your request is logged in our request database. Once the style is created or updated, it will be submitted for inclusion into EndNote Web.

The local EndNote Web Administrators also have the ability to update Styles for their site. If you have EndNote Web access through your institution, you can contact your local Administrator to update existing Styles or upload new Styles.

It seems a very odd style then.  Which one are you using? 


I’m using EndNote web in Word 2007, and the Journal Style is “Molecular Biology and Evolution”



As for “…style formatting via EndNote Web is “fixed” - meaning users cannot modify the styles and must submit a request to Thomson Reuters…” - this depends. If an EndNote Web user has their account associated with an institution [a university or research center] - the institution should have an EndNote Web administrator who can customize auxiliary files like Styles for access by all users at that institution.

If you simply have an EndNote Web account set-up through an individual purchase of EndNote, you would need to ask us to make a change - or, as suggested, you could simply use your desktop version of EndNote to make the slight modification to the Style and format with that.

Jason Rollins, the EndNote team

Yep, the EndnoteX4 version has a comma in the 1 to 2 author for author lists in citations rather than the “and”.  The same is true in the bibliography author lists settings, so you might want to check on that too.