updating citations in X4?

Can anyone think of an automatic method to update citations created by importing PDF files in X4?

I have a user with a number of files whose DOI she knows, but which don’t have the DOI included in the text. This means EndNote doesn’t succeed in extracting a complete citation when the PDFs are imported.

In X5, she could simply copy/paste the DOI into the right field and then update, but so far as I’m aware there isn’t any similar process in X4.

All I can suggest is that she either upgrades, or uses the DOI to search for the correct citation, imports that and then attaches the PDF.

Is there a better way?


Scanning to see if any unanswered threads.  In this case I think you covered all the options! There aren’t any better options out here, or they wouldn’t have needed to add the update facility to X5 I guess.