PDF import that does not have correct doi

Hi All,

My primary method for reading journal articles is using an android tablet, so I’ve been downloading all of the papers I read into a specific dropbox folder for automatic syncing to my multiple computers and devices.

Since I’m reaching 100s of articles in my collection, I want to import all of my PDFs into endnote so that the full text is already associated with the reference.  My pdfs are already named in a regular format <Year.Journal.FirstAuthor-Title.pdf> for easy sorting and identification inside of a file manager.

The import PDF folder is generally working great, but a number of my articles either do not have a doi number, or the number was never embedded into the PDF when I downloaded it.

Is there a quck and easy way to have endnote “Find” all of the missing data for those PDFs?  For instance, could I somehow tell endnote the PMID for a particular article and have it populate the rest of the fields for me?

Thanks for any help!  I currently own X4 and am running the free trial of X7 now and if X7 can do this, I’d be happy to upgrade.


EndNote X7 has a feature called “find reference updates.”

In EndNote X7 open the record and paste the PMId number into the Accession Number field.

Save and close the record.

Highlight the references and click on References > Find Reference Updates.

EndNote X7 will be able to use the PMID number to search PubMed and find the the full reference. You will see two windows. The left window will show the full updated reference while the window on the right will show the sparse reference.

You will have the option to copy all the fields from the update into the original reference.

Hi Henry,

Thank you for the suggestion.  That took some work, but I was able to update everything properly.

I have also set up the Endnote Sync so that everything is now backed up elsewhere.  What can I do to make sure that I do not have to go through this process again?