URL not correctly recognized in Word 2016 / Endnote X8


I have a problem quite disturbing. The word connot recognize URLs in the list of bibliogray correctly. It skips the beginning “h” and makes “ttp…” from every “http…” as a link with the wrong fomatting. Please see the picture for more information.

I have tried on 3 computers, with the same document, library and style. All three run office 2016 (365 proplus). Only the one with office build 16.0.6965.2117 doesn’t have the issue, the other two with build 7369.2118 and 7870.2013 make mistake. I tried with other documents and styles on these two PCs and got the same error.

Of course there is a workaround, to deactivate the automatic link function in the auto-formatting option in word. But I still wonder, whether it is a programme failure or my document has a problem.

Can anyone help?



I have the same problem with it skipping the “h” from http/s.  It means you can’t click the link to follow the reference.  

Running Endnote X8 latest on MS Word - Office 2016 ProPlus (365) version 1701 build 7766.2060.

It is fiddly to work around it…