Use of Group/Group set

This is not a question, but I just wanted to say becaseu EN has evolved to my article manager, beyond a tool to format bibliography.

In older days, I used to have lots of manila folders like, “Apoptosis”, “Hypertension”, etc etc. When I xeroxed a copy of an article in the library, say titled as “Regulation of Apoptosis in Hypertension”, I always asked “Should I put it in Apoptosis folder, or Hypertension folder?” because it deals with both. I always wondered if I put in one folder, then I might miss this paper when I use another folder to write a manuscript. Often time, I made an extra copy to put in both folders, just out of fear. If this is the only paper that has multiple themes, this is a trivial problem. But I have this situation for hundreds and thousands of papers. Many articles are multi-disciplinary and categorized in so many ways.

Endnote resolved my dilemma nicely by having group and group set functions. Group is something like individual manila folders. Group set is something like a cabinet that holds manila folders with the similar principle. You can register one article to multiple groups, so this “multi-disciplinary” paper now belongs to both “Apoptosis” and “Hypertension” without making extra xerox copy. You could have mutiple cabinets for each discipline in research, and you can move folders from one cabinet (group set) to another. I don’t buy manila folder anymore.

Now beyond this group/group set fundtion, I often ask a question: “Which papers belong to both Apoptosis and Hypertension?” Endnote still doesn’t have a handy tool to give me the answer right away. I wish I can click multple groups with some key (e.g. Ctrl) to find out papers that belong to multiple groups.

Agreed!  That last point would be a great extension and would reduce time for manuscript preparation by a lot.