What are the differences between the X1 and X2 versions.

Due to the current economic crisis both me and my husband are over-educated and unemployed. Solution go back and get my Doctorate but the X2 version is 4 times as much as the X1 version is there any major differences between the two. The student version of X2 is $116 but the X1 is only $25. Also is there any differences between the student and regular edition which is over $200. If so then I would buy the $25 X1 and purchase the upgrade for X2 at $99 which is cheaper than the X2 student edition and I would have the full edition.

Please Help,

Cynthia Alexander, MBA

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This guide to new features in X2 may help.

The Find Full Text function is nice (when it works!). The Smart Groups are handy too.

I don’t know how the student version differs from the regular version. The sales staff at EndNote should be able to tell you that, or somebody else on this forum might be able to help.

But note that unless you have access to full text PDFs thru a library or your institution, the find full text is probably of limited use.  I would probably go for X1 and wait for X3 to upgrade.