What output style is this?


A library patron is submitting a grant.  The instructions tell him to format in-text citations with a number inside square brackets.  What style is this?  Basically it would look like this:

According to scientists, elephants are the smartest animal other than humans [9].

I wish that all instructions to authors would say what style they are asking for (when it’s a real style, anyway) instead of just showing a sample of it.

thanks for your help!


the details of a style are more dependant on the formating of the references in the list, than just on the citation.  If you find a numbered format that matches the requirements of the reference list, changing the citation template to square brackets is the easiest alteration. 

But the default “numbered” style that comes with Endnote, has square brackets. 

Oh, that’s a really good point- it’s way easier to change the in-text citations to having brackets than to change the bibliography template around.  Thanks for pointing that out.

I didn’t realize the “numbered” style had brackets.  I’ll check the rest of the submission guidelines and see what style the bib looks closest to.