Why Endnote imports refereneces already exist? Please avoid duplicate!


I am wondering why Endnote imports references that are already present in the library?

In my view, Endnote SHOULD NOT import any reference already exist to avoid duplicates.

There should be an option to prevent this issue from happening.

A function such as:

{if the imported reference/s is present in the library, then do not import}

With such an option, one should not care anymore about potential duplicate and confusion with reference numbers! 

I mean not the initial search but after that; after a research is done and references are selected and transfered to the library. At this moment, if there is a reference already present, Endnote should not import it. 

If you are using the integrated mode and if you turn on the duplicate check in preferences, Endnote won’t import any references already in the library.  Of course you need to be very careful in running searches then, as in that mode, all references resulting from the search are imported (unless they are already there).  I do think this feature should be improved. 

My current workflow though, is to import the references I think I want in my main library, into a temporary library and from there, I import them into my main library with discard duplicates on.  this prevents duplicates from ending up in my main library.