Word/Office 365

Has anybody had any experience with how well Endnote works with Office 365?  I would like to try out the new version of Office (especially with the great price for academia), but I really don’t want to deal with new problems if I don’t have to.

Hello, gbeckham!

The answer to this question depends on whether we’re talking Mac or Windows. On the Mac, an Office 365 subscription comes with Word 2011, which all the more recent versions of EndNote should be just fine with.

On a Windows machine,however, a 365 subscription comes with Word 2013. At this time, no versions of EndNote are considered fully supported on Word 2013, as they weren’t designed for or fully tested with it. That said, there is a process we’ve found to load the tools which has worked for most people, and you are certainly welcome to try it if you wish. The steps are located here:

http://endnote.com/kb/83058 – click on the link for Word 2013.

Also, please note that at this time EndNote does not work with any web-based versions of Word. You can certainly work on your documents on the web, but you would not be able to add, remove, or alter any EndNote citations until you opened the document in a desktop version of Word with the EndNote Cite While You Write tools installed.
We apologize for any inconvenience this may cause.

I hope this helps – please reply if you have additional questions or need any further clarification. Have a great day!

Office 365 with word 2013 does not work with cwyw!  Or at least i can’t seem to get it to work.  Following the directions in the linked article, and using the 64 bit drivers I get no error message, but no installation!  HELP!

Hello, tiwahl:

I’m sorry to hear you’re having trouble! I recommend contacting our Technical Support directly for assistance with this.

Have a great weekend!

I guess the simple answer is NO.

I just downloaded Office 365 Online and it cant use EndNote.

So I have gone back to my offline word version

Is this stiill the case that you cannot use online word with end-note?

Jacob Bergsland

I’d the same problem! the netword is the big matter

 The way you can fix that use Endnote.