Working simultaneously with one library

Assuming that two poeple want to work with the same library at the same time- may this cause problems to EndNote?

I tried it once but it didn’t work…

If the file’s properties are set as “read-only” or in a read only directory, multiple users can access the file.   This allows users to search for references, cite them in their papers and create bibliographies. EndNote does not allow multiple users to edit a single library at the same time.    So when one person has it open with the ability to edit, it is locked to other users.

We solve that this way.  We keep two copies on our network:  One copy of the library in a limited access read/write folder which is copied nightly into a read only folder that users can access.  This protects the library, allows multiple users to open it from the read only folder simultaneously for use, and the write version that can be open for editing by one user at a time.

Another approach - See

where JasonR wrote:

  • Use the “Group Sharing” options in EndNote Web. Controls for “read only” and “read write” access are already built into EndNote Web. Records can very easily be transferred from a local EndNote library to an EndNote Web library.


where can I set the file properties so that there is only the “read- only” (or “write- only”) directory? Can I do it myself or does our  administrator (who installed the whole programme on our computers) have to do this as we possibly have not the same “rights” on this programme as he has?