x1 Help

I just did my x1 CWYW Word 2008 patches.  I was prompted for my (I think) product key.  I hunted down my x1 disc and my book with my serial number, but I can not find my original cd case with the product key.  Any suggestions?



In my experience, Endnote installation only ever asks you for the serial number (about 10 digits, no letters) which is on the book (in the days they sent you a book), CD case or download acknowledgement).  Also, Endnote has never asked for that number during an update, just a clean installationor upgrade to new version (ie. X1 to X2) 

A product code sounds more like a Microsoft product. 

Thanks, I accepted the trial because I needed my library.  I am going to uninstall and start over.


I came across this FAQ about the product code for X1.