X5 on Mac w Word2011 SLOW - a solution!

I see multiple topics related to this, but can’t find a solution. Is there one?

Like others, I have to sit for about a minute every time I enter a reference (or even change one) - wastes a lot of time when one is trying to write.

I spoke with support about this (at least they have a phone number, unlike many software companies!), and they were quite helpful. It seems that the problem occurs when track changes is on while you are adding or changing - especially changing - references. To fix, one has to have “Final” showing to the right of the track changes on/off switch rather than “Final Showing Markup.”  This has the distinct disadvantage that you cannot see you changes or comments while adding or changing references. Changing references appears to be the bigger problem because it overwrites underlying code repeatedly - and this can corrupt the file. After having the agent try it out with me on a backup copy of my document, in which we accepted all changes and deleted all comments, the time to change a references improved from 60-80 seconds to 12-15 seconds. This is a dramatic improvement, but still longer than I recall older versions of EndNote taking. I hope this helps others.

Perhaps A solution, not a complete one. I experienced SLOWness without track changes ever being on.