0kb *.enl

I never get used to crashing databases…

The *.enl database was empty and read 0kb, so nothing came up. So much for that.

Trying several times, I finally managed to get the base up and running, but when extracting the *.enlx compressed library, the *.enl still comes up with 0kb and nothing in it.

Redoing it several time, and managed to install a saved copy which gave the database  back, and everything now look OK within EndNote. 

However, the *enl still reads 0kb using explorer (Win7, EndNote X6) (see screencapture). 

Making new compressed library, and extracting it, still makes the *.enl 0kb

Now I am very reluctant to shut down the computer for fear of losing it all once again.

I know “Don’t Panic” is a useful advice, but the 1,3x GB of data makes that pretty difficult…

The *.enl file is essentially a pointer to the .DATA folder and database files and attachments.  While mine is rarely 0 – you can create an empty text file with the name of the .DATA folder followed by .enl and put it in the same folder as the .DATA file and it will open the library fine.  

When you first extract a compressed library it is expected behavior for the .enl file to be 0 KB. The .enl file acts as a backup for the .Data folder. When you continue to modify the library and close the application, you will see the size of the .enl file increase.

Thank You very much! The “Don’t Panic”-advice is always useful when it is substantiated - a 0kb files certainly looks bad, so I am pleased to return to my useful indifference! :smiley: