Help! Endnote X4 cannot unzip my compressed library


I’ve been using endnote X4, and as recommended I compress my libraries.  However, when I try to unzip the compressed library both the enl and the DATA folders are blank.  However, internet explorer shows that the archived compressed library has 54,695 kb.  Suggestions???

How are you trying to “unzip” them – they are compressed by the Zip program, you have to open them with endnote.

This is an old post, but there is still a problem opening some compressed libraries in both X5 and X6.

I have large library with many pdfs and make a back up compressed library is important. Compressing the library is not a problem, but I had problem opening and extracting the compressed library both in X5 and X6 (on two different computers). The extraction process starts, but stops after a short while and leave an empty enl file and a data folder with some contents (there are individual pdf folder in the main pdf folder, but no pdf files). The library can be opened, but there is no content.

The compressed library was stored and opened a few levels down in my file structure. I suspect that long file names in the pdf folder is the reason for this error. I tested this by storing and opening the compressed library from the desktop on the computer. In this case the compresse library was extracted properly and opened with content normally.

It is EndNote that index attach pdf files in a way that create long names both on the pdf and pdf foler levels, and it seems that this cause problems if you have your compressed library file some levels down and therby creating an even longer file name/path.

Can anyone confirm my theory for this problem and if this is correct EndNote should do something with the way attached files are indexed in the library avoiding making long file names.

It is a nightmare for anyone needing a back up of a large library and not being able to open the back up!

Best wishes

Jan Ove