5 pt between references in bibliography

Hi all - For a paper I’m writing I need the references to have 5 pt spacing between them (this is using Word 2013 and EndNote X7). Formatting using the “EndNote Configure Bibliography” window I can change the layout but it only allows you to add ‘space after’ in terms of single, 1.5, or double line spacing rather than in terms of pt. Trying to highlight the text and using the paragraph box in Word to add ‘space after’ or before doesn’t seem to work either.

Any help greatly appreciated - thank you!

While for a while you could edit the Endnote Bibliography style in word, and it would stick, this appears to have been “broken” in an subsequent update.  Now you can do it, but it tends to randomly get overwritten when you run update bibliography or insert a new citation.  The best you can do is select the bibliography just prior to submission and either edit the Endnote Bibliography style in word or just format the bibliography and submit.  

To be sure it doesn’t get “fixed” again, you can remove the field codes from the bibliography.  – but you won’t be able to further update the bibliography, so make sure you do that on a copy.