Entering a blank line after each reference

I am trying to have a double space after each reference in my bibliography. And I’ve done the following

  • Select the EndNote Format bibliography command.
  • Click on the Layout tab
  • In the box labelled Space after select the option Double
  •  Click on the OK button

Yet still, this is not working for my bibliography and instead, there is no space between each reference. Is there something else I need to do?

MANY thanks for any help with this!

hmmm, should work, it works for me using the steps you provide in word2003, EndnoteX4 with the Author, Date style. 


What version  and build of Endnote and Word, operating system and is the list footnotes, or a bibliography? I tried a variety of styles and they all seemed to work. 


As a last resort yuo could edited the style inself  to insert an extra line (or two) by putting a Paragraph break in the Bibliography layout “End each reference with:” box. 


If I’m understanding correctly, you wish your bibliography to be double-spaced or add a space between each reference, right? If so, there is a much simpler way to alter the spacing in your bibliography than editing the style. Please see our Frequently Asked Questions page on how to get your bibliography to double-space or add a space between references here:


I hope this helps!


Please can you refresh the hyperlink. I would like to view the answer to this question, but the hyperlink in the Answer above is broken.



 has the basics