Abbreviating in-text citations

Hi all,

Is there an automated way of abbreviating in text citations? So, the first citation with brackets around the abbreviation - (Nursing and Midwifery Council (NMC), 2015) and subsequent ones (NMC, 2015)? But for the full citation to appear in the bibliography.

I can see a previous post from some time ago this can only be done manually, but wondered if there was any way of it being automated? I am using output style ‘BrookesHarvard’ EndNote Web and Word 2013.

Thanks in advance!

not easily.  – the manual edit citation/hide author and type what you want is the only way, without creating a custom field to hold the abbreviation or full name as the author and a ref type to use the full expanded name in the bibliography.  

Thanks, manual it is then! :slight_smile: