Web page access date not in word reference list

Hi there

I have to cite a website and typed in all information in the new reference pop up including access date. Unfortunately in the reference list in word the access date is not reported - although citing style JAMA should have it included.

Any ideas?



The JAMA (AMA 10th) endnote output style (updated 2018-07-05) Download here: https://endnote.com/downloads/styles/?wpv_post_search=jama&wpv_aux_current_post_id=12829&wpv_view_count=12764-TCPID12829 

has this Web Page Bibliography Template

Author. Title. Publisher. Series Title Web site. URL.| Published Year.| Updated Last Update Date.| Accessed| Access Date, Access Year|.

So if you have entered data into those fields in the record, have assigned the appropriate Ref type for the record and are using the JAMA  output style in the Endnote Ribbon  (See attached) - it should be there in the bibliography.  See my exammple of what  the record looks like, what the preview of the bibliography listing should look like.