Accessing databses/connect with ezproxy


it would be great if you could access databases/online search with ezproxy the same way as you use the full text, even better if you could have some kind of ip recognigtion

.Kind regards Maria Nyman

Umea university library


Proxy support for Online Search was added a few releases ago so if you have the proxy configuration setup for in your Internet Connections, it should work.  If you have specific databases in mind that aren’t working, please specify.

Or do you prefer to be prompted like Find Full Text?

Best regards,

 - Mathilda, the Endnote


I did try to add our ezproxy in to the connection settings. I did work with the find fulltext. Then I could access with our ezproxy by username and password. I hace searched the internet but not found the specific information on were to but the infornmation. I think I have access to all the information I need, I administat the databases. Could you please contact me at my e-mail so I can send you some information.

I highly recommend you edit your post and delete your email address.  Others can contact you thru the private message (that little grey envelope upper left) and you don’t risk getting spammed from trawlers of this publically availble forum.