Find Full Text settings please

I am really appealing to any university that subscribes to EzProxy and 360 Link for their authentication and openurl checking.  I am having real difficulty in getting the Find Full Text feature to work on EndNote X5.

In Edit > Preferences > Find Full Text, I have inserted the following:

Open URL Path:

Authenticate with URL:

When I select some journals and run full text, EndNote finds nothing.  Sometimes EndNote produces a box which indexes our subscriptions.  Has anyone else had similar problems or can offer a solution?



Does Find Full text work for some journals and not others?

We had this problem with articles on JSTOR and were told (by JSTOR not Thomson Reuters) that JSTOR specifically forbids bulk downloads. So it may be that the ezproxy is working correctly but that some articles you have the rights to access individually are blocked against FFT.

Now resolved.  Settings were correct.  Thanks for your help everyone.  EndNote doesn’t work well with EBSCO databases.  But when the settings were entered and a Find Full Text is attempted, then a box appears prompting which database to choose.  Some e-journal databases produce more results than others.  That’s what was confusing me.  All working fine now.