accidentally deleted only copy of endnote .data file off USB. recovered it onto desk top but can't open in endnote

Please help,

I am returning to study after mat leave and cleaned out my USB study folder. I have a new computer so my only copy of my endnote .data file is on the usb. I saw two endnote files and deleted the oldest one (.data), not realising endnote has two components to it. I only have the .enl file on the USB.

Panicing I found the ease usdata recovery tool and downloaded it

I saved both the .data and .enl files to my new computer desktop but when i try to open the endnote lib it says “Are you sure you would ike to open the Endnote Library… without the associated .data folder. you are attempting to open an endnote library without its associated .data folder. this is not recommented because it may result in the loss of data including, but not limited to: reference information, file attachments, and term lists. in order to prevent the loss of data you should locate the original .data folder and copy it the the same location as the endnote library you are attempting to open. the .data folder was created in the same directory in which the endnote library was originally created”

The problem is i dont have the original .data file only the recovered one.

can you please help me to:

a) give instructions on how to get it to open together


b) I havent touched my usb stick so if you know of a better data restoring program which works with endnote so i can download it and try to restore the .data file  with .enl file again

many thanks

So EndNote will give the message: “Are you sure you would ike to open the Endnote Library… without the associated .data folder.”

When the .ENL file and .DATA folder have different names.

So for example if you have references.ENL and references recovered.DATA this would not be a match.

So you would need to change references recovered.DATA to references.DATA then if you tried to open the .ENL file EndNote should not give you that error message.

If this does not resolve the issue then please contact Technical Support directly

1-800-336-4474 option 4 then 1


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Make an extra copy of the .DATA and contents first.  Then create an empty .enl file with a text editor that has the same name and lives in the same folder location as the .DATA folder (NOT IN the .DATA folder).  Now try to open the newly created empty .enl file, and see if it works.  Everything Endnote needs resides in the .DATA folder.  

Recover from USB Flash Drive using CMD cable Files are a common free method. I have not used this method. For me, recovery software is a better choice. For example, the software I have used is easeUS and anyrecover. In comparison, the latter does a better job.