Acrobat Pro

I have been asked if EndNote will work with Acrobat Pro?   I have to say I have no experience of Acrobat Pro, but I imagine my enquirer wants to use EndNote directly with Acrobat Pro.   Or would they have to use EndNote with Word and then convert to PDF?

Thanks for your help, everyone!


Keith Nockels

University of Leicester Library, UK

Would you happen to know what the person wanted to do?  For example, if he/she wants to insert an EndNote citation or reference directly into a pdf document as though the pdf was like a wordprocessing document (i.e., MS Word),  that doesn’t appear to be currently possible.  The best he/she might be able to achieve is to take the intermediary step of first creating the in-text citation and reference in MS Word, converting it to text, then copying and pasting it into the pdf using the comment or text box format of Acrobat Pro. 

On the other hand, if your client is asking whether a Word document containing EndNote in-text citations and references can be generated as a pdf with Acrobat Pro, it can be done very easily.  Just select the printer setting in MS Word as Adobe Acrobat and “print” the document which will generate a pdf file.

Just to add, that if you use a conversion program (in my experience, it didn’t always work with the “print to PDF” option from the printer menu, depending on the version of the word processor), Endnote X4 will also retain the “clickable” links between the citation text and the reference list. 

Just an addendum.  If there’s a problem generating a pdf  using Word’s print function and pre-selecting Adobe Acrobat as the “printer”, just switch to  the Adobe Acrobat program use the “Create” feature.  (This enables selecting and generating pdfs from files, scanners, web pages, and  clipboard materials.)