Additional interfacing with Powerpoint

Wish endnote would citein Powerpoint like CWYW in Word.  I have to do multiple presesntations regarding resaerch andIhave to cite on the slide over and over again.  I have worked around it so far with a copy andpaste out of Word, where I temporarily cite the reference, however i dont have to luxury of endnote keeping up with any changes in the slides and consequently, i have to spend a great deal of time ensuring the accuracy of the cites and complete bibibliography…wish you had CWYP .or cite while you powerpoint…

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This is indeed urgently needed.

I suppose one way that this can currently be achieved, is to insert a word document containing your endnote references as an object, into your powerpoint slide.  Create the text you want to appear in the slide with references and, in PP2003, you Insert>Object, select tab “create from file” click the “link to file” box, navigate to the document and insert.   The powerpoint slide can be updated if you change the contents of the document, by selecting the “object” and updating the link.  From the slide you can open the word document, update it, save it and then return to the slide and update link.

I don’t know if this is better than cutting and pasting the updated information in, I guess.  I don’t think Powerpoint will embed it in such a way to get the the updating to occur automatically when you open the presentation.

I see what you are saying here, however there is still one catch.  I had a number of references to cite in a show and it took 3 slides to do it.  I couldn’t format the text boxes I used in a tiny font to force it into one slide.  Even I update a link within a show, you will likely still have issues with the size of the font and/or object that is inserted. 

Since PPT doesn’t use field codes, I can see the problem.  The updating of links would make sense, but we have a formatting issue. mmmmI think this is a nice workaround for some, but it won’t really work for me.   I will keep thinking of another option…


it would be nice to have a general way of outputting body and end references to any text holder e.g. powerpoint, email clients, blogs, wikis et which would mean finding a way to get over the field implementation  …

agree, same feature request at