Converting document with formatted citations to PDF

Hello, I would like to convert a large document to PDF.  It has hundreds of endnote formatted citations.  What is the best way to do this please without causing problems when saving a doc as PDF? I’m using Endnote X7.

Can I keep the endnote formatted citations and just save the doc as PDF?  Should I convert to plain text first? Convert to unformatted citations or ‘turn instant formatting off’?

Thanks in advance.

It isn’t any problem to “save as” to PDF with the endnote citations.  But it you are concerned, you can run endnote’s convert to plain text to remove the endnote citations, which will force you (I hope) to save to a new name – and convert that to a PDF.  – retain the original word document, to update when the inevitable revisions are required.  

Thank you!