Add DOI to existing references

I am using Endnote from long time ago, so many of the references I have do not include the DOI. Some journals ask now for including this information in the reference list.

By now, I open each reference (one by one) and add this information manually,  which I have found previuosly by internet. This is too much laboriuos and time consuming.

Is there any way to update my references with this information (faster and easier than the way I am using now)? 

I am using Endnote X6


You can try using the Find Reference Update command found under the References menu in EndNote.

You can find out more information about this feature on our website:

I don’t remember when the update option came to be in Endnote.  It may have been a X7 addition, but if there, it should come up when you right click in a record in the library display (as Tony M described).  

Thank you.

I have tried it and it works for some references, but not for others.

I have find the both cases: some references (in fact, many) in my endnote reference list had already the DOI, but it did not appear in the updated reference found by EndNote, and I could not include DOI in some references, because it did not appear in the updated reference. I have checked if they correspond to old publications or less common journals, but these are not the case.

Anyway, this solution is faster than that I used, although I have to check reference by reference for accepting updates and click the save and continue button every time.

Thank again


I just use the update empty fields and say do the same to the rest.  

DOI is the only method that I can use??

Having the pubmed ID in the accession number field also works.  I haven’t explored other fields and combinations.