doi in my EndNote library

I am importing cites from Internet to my EndNote library but the End Note don’t  extract the doi from the reference, even when the doi appears on line and in the article pdf. How can I do to obtain the doi in my EndNote reference files at the same time the the other article information (title, authors, publication year, etc), withouth write it manually?

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Are you importing PDFs or importing or  uploading directly from a database.  

Are you using “connection files” or importing database downloads.  

Have you tried right click on record in endnote library view and selecting  “Find Reference update”  to see if it is an updated field?  

I’m importing the articles information from Google Scholar to EndNote

I note that others working with other programs note that this info isn’t retrieved from Google Scholar.  I can retrieve it subsequent to download by “update reference” - at least the ones I tried.