using doi to enter a reference

I have a series of articles on hand and I would like to start creating my library using their doi.  I used to use zotero which had a window where one could record the doi, press enter and the reference would be entered.  I can’t seem to find the equivalent in Endnote X8.  I checked the community listings under doi and found numerouse references to importing PDFs to get the doi, but this is not what I need.

As a newbie to this software I would appreciate some guidance from more experienced users.  I know that I could enter the reference manually, but would prefer to avoid this step so that I don’t introduce errors into my reference file.

There isn’t an equivalent “box” but if you enter the DOI in a new reference, you can select the new “empty” records and right click and choose “Find Reference Updates” and it will open a window to allow you to update the empty fields, or all fields with the missing information.  

Thanks for the speedy reply, and the solution.

Thank you Leanne! I had the same question, as a Zotero user.