Add search annotations feature

Please add search annotations feature to Endnote. To my knowledge, no other reference manager has this tool yet. It would be great to be able to search highlighted text and comments 

nevermind! Didn’t realize that this feature already exists in Endnote Desktop


This is a feature in EndNote that I really want to learn how to use, but don’t know how to find it! Can you please tell me how?

A friend recommended a rival piece of software and I would rather carry on using EndNote but at the same time find out about the features I want to use, that I’m sure are in there somewhere! What I hope EndNote has is something along the lines of what you can see around 3:02; listing all your annotations and highlights to find them quickly.

<Video link created HTML problems but you can find it on YouTube, “Readcube Enhanced PDF reader”>

If you want to make several citations from the same reference in different areas of your paper, can you do this automatically using your highlights? Or do you have to add the citation into Word using insert citation, then add the page numbers manually into your paper alongside each citation?