Annotations summary + note + highlight colours and box + favourites

I’ve listed these in order of importance to me.

  • I think it would be incredibly useful to have a summary of all annotations in a pdf i.e. the comments you can make on PDFs in EndNote itself or Adobe, displayed in the sidebar perhaps.
  • Something even more useful would be “notes”, just an area to write a summary or notes about the citation in question, could fit well as an extra field in the “Reference” tab.
  • Also extra highlighting colours, these aren’t critical since Adobe can be used very easily, but I recall the Mac version having multiple colours (I think? It’s been a while since I used it, I remember being shocked when switching to Windows and finding them missing) so I’m surprised it’s not universal.
  • Also, the mac version had a “box” tool you could drag over chunks of text that was immensely useful for non-text PDFs (i.e. ones that were just image scans of the original documents). This is much more important than extra colours, I’m dead in the water with some PDFs as there’s no way to mark them up.
  • Lastly, a favourite section. It’s easy enough to make a folder and add them manually to replicate this, but a dedicated system would be great (seperate from the rating feature). Having an extra “Favourite” category alongside “All References” annd “Unfiled” etc. where citations are automatically added when listed as a favourite wouldbe great.