Ambiguous citation in footnote

Hi, I have an issue with amiguous citation in footnote.

I have two reference by the same authors, one in a journal article and the other in an edited books (by other editors).

However, when using footnote, Endnote does not treat these reference as ambiguous, and so does not include the short title to distinguate them. 

Anyone has an solution ?

Thank you for your help :smiley:

Please specify which output style you are using if it is 'out of the box", and if you edited it, please zip it and attach it to allow testing.  

Hi thank you for the reply. 

I am usig the “Bluebook-Law review”
Bluebook law review (5.57 KB)

Hi, I was wrong with my issue ! In fact, the short title appears in the first reference but not on the second reference by the same author.

1. JIMÉNEZ ADOLFO J. MARTIN, OECD/International - Value Creation: A Guiding Light for the Interpretation of Tax Treaties?, 74(4/5) Bull. Int’l Tax’n (2020), 

→ Footnote: JIMENEZ, Value creation, p. 54

2. JIMÉNEZ ADOLFO J. MARTIN, Recent Developments on the Nexus Rules to Tax Business Profits at Source, in: Lang Michael / Petruzzi Raffaele / Storck Alfred (eds.), Recent Transfer Pricing Developments Around the World 2018, The Netherlands 2019, 193-237.

→ Footnote: JIMENEZ, p. 567

However, I would like that the short title appears in each footnote, when there are several reference by the same author.

Thank you for your help

I think you uploaded the ref type exported file, not the output style? 

I think you uploaded the ref type exported file, not the output style? 

Sorry for the mistake but I cannot attach the output style; it said “the contents of the attachment doesn’t match its file type”.

You have to zip it first

Have you adjusted the ambiguous settings?  see attached.  

Hii thank you for your reply.

I am using the footnote format for citation in footnote

Bluebook-Law Review (4.27 KB)

So it should disambiguate (is that a word?) according to the settings in the footnote section.  I don’t have any easy way to invent some records to test it though.  I rarely use footnotes, so I am not the best advisor on this.  

No problem :smiley: Thank you for trying !