Add URL to citations with anchor text instead of full URL

As writing and publishing merges with the online world, it would be nice to insert URLs into references, footnotes, and citations using anchor text along with the URL rather than just the long URL web address. 

So, for example, I know how to edit the templates so that the url appears in a reference or footnote. But when I insert the citation, the URL appears as;lowerned

That looks really ugly. 

I know that in print, this is the only way to do it. 

But lots of us are publishing online, and it would be nice to also have the option of “hiding” the URL behind anchor text so that instead of seeing that long ugly URL, we just see something like this: Read More Here.

Is there any way of doing this right now with Endnote? 


No, that is not a function we have at this time. However, I think it’s an excellent idea and I will move this thread over to the Suggestions forum. Our product managers read that forum regularly, so it is a great place to put ideas for features you’d like to see in future versions of EndNote.

Thanks for the suggestion!

Fantastic. I would love to see this added to Endnote.

Nice idea… I would implement that in my SEO Work.

you are right, I agree with you. I also share my website url directly…

It is very good practise of SEO to take anchor text link for your site. But if your creating ciatation for local business then it is recommended to give your full home page’s URL.