EndNote Bibliography rename URL field

Hi. I am wanting to have a bibliography Report output reference type that allows for a URL to be displayed as a hyperlink with the text displayed as the Report number or another text field. Is this possible? Thanks, Jessica

I’m entirely clear about what you’re asking so here goes. The “Report” bibliography template can be adjusted to include the URL field such that it will be included as a hyperlink in the bibliography list in an MS Word document.  The URL in this case would link back to the report’s location on a website.

However, if you’re thinking of hyperlinking specific parts of the bibliographic reference (e.g., report number),  the hyperlinking could be done within MS Word (after converting the references to text-based to remove the codes).  It might be possible to hyperlink within EndNote but that depends how amenable the program is in incorporating html coding in a given field.

Thanks CrazyGecko,

However, I am tyring to avoid having the long url address in the bibliography. So I guess what I am tyring to do is to rename the hyperlink within endnote instead of doing something outside in order to have it format correctly.

The URL field in EndNote (X4.0.2) doesn’t appear to recognize html coding which would enable shortening long url names.  However, MS Word has hyperlinking capability which would enable shortening names so suggest you pursue this option instead.