URL in Bibliography

I defined a new style called “Numbered Web” where I modified Generic to include URL. Unfortunately, the URL only appears for one reference and none of the others (even though all have URLs). The unecessary complexitity of this program is rediculous. ANy thoughts?

Are the other records using the Generic reference type? Only references that are defined as Generic or do not have a template defined in the style will include the URL. You would want to be sure to add URL to all the reference types you typically use in the style template. Hope this helps.

Mathilda, the EndNote team

You created a style (Numbered Web) but did you create a corresponding reference type? 

To create (or modify) a reference type:

  1. Go to the EndNote toolbar, select EDIT, PREFERENCES.

  2. In the EndNote Preference window, click REFERENCE TYPES, MODIFY REFERENCE TYPES.

  3. In the Modify Reference Types window, click the reference type pull-down menu to choose the one you wish to modify.  EndNote provides 3 unused templates so you can select one, rename it to Numbered Web, and rename/change the fields to match the ones in your style template. When you’re done, close/save the changes.

Now you’ll need change the various references in your library to “Numbered Web”.  Locate and open each reference then click the Reference Type pull-down menu to locate and select Numbered Web, then close and save the change.  Repeat for each reference that needs to be changed.