Adding multiple references

Hi there,

I am using Chicago 15A Style and trying to insert multiple references one endnote but everytime I enter a report it ends in a fullstop and then pops in a comma before the next reference. This doesn’t seem to be a problem when I insert journal titles though…can anyone suggest a way to fix this?



I suspect, but can’t easily test, that the report template is not correctly being “exported”.  There isn’t a “default” template for report, so that ref type is using the generic, which isn’t always the best output.  Edit the style to include the report templat and then copy and past the template from the closest equivalent (journal, or generic) and then make the necessary corrections to get the output you need.  As alway, if you can’t get it exactly right , attach the modified style and what is wrong and what you want, and we can try to help.