Multiple citations inserting additional comma within my reference! Help!

Dear all,

I have a problem which you may be able to help me with (I hope)!

When I have a single footnote reference, but output style gives me an expected result:

J. A. Muller, ed, The letters of Stephen Gardiner (Cambridge: Cambridge University Press): Stephen Gardiner to Henry VIII, 15 May 1532.

When I have multiple footnote references, Endnote inserts an additional comma within the reference which wasn’t there earlier (have a look after the book title and before the bracket of each reference):

J. A. Muller, Stephen Gardiner and the Tudor reaction, (London: Society for Promoting Christian Knowledge, 1926); P. Janelle, Obedience in church & state : three political tracts, (Cambridge: University Press, 1930); G. Redworth, In defence of the Church Catholic : the life of Stephen Gardiner, (Oxford: Basil Blackwell, 1990).

Any ideas why this is being inserted? I’m using a customised version of MHRA but the same record type in both cases.



The footnote template may need a forced separation but it’s hard to say without seeing the template itself. Could you attach your output style?


Here’s my output style:

Author, Title|, ed. by Editor|, Edition edn|, Number of Volumes vols |(|Place Published|: Publisher|, Year|),| Volume, |p.^pp. Cited Pages|.

If you have any tips, I’d be grateful! 


Can you actually attach the output style file itself in the add attachment section which is below the reply window?  

Ah yes, here you go.  Thanks again!! 

MHRA (Footnote) MARK.ens (42.7 KB)

Does this one work?  – it is the Book template I messed about a bit with.  

MHRA (Footnote) MARK (tweaked).ens (42.4 KB)

Brilliant! Thanks ever SO much.  


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I added some “link adjacent” and perhaps one more separation pipe.