Formatting Issues - Chicago 15th A

Hi there,


I am having a few formatting issues with the Endnote software and wondered if anyone can help me. I am using Chicago 15th A


1) When have the reference Ibid. and then enter a page number it switches between a colon and a comma, so some appear as Ibid., 52 and others Ibid.: 52. I am not too fussed which it is but would like it to be consistent.

2) Sometimes two spaces appear between the first and second names in the endnotes but this is not all the time.

3) When I insert a reference for a report that doesn’t have an author, two spaces appear between the title and the publisher details. e.g.  “Freedom for Schools,”  (Auckland: Maxim Institute, 2005), 7.


If anyone is able to suggest how to resolve these issues it would be much appreciated - cheers