Adding new fields

How do I add a new field to references in a library?  I’m guessing that this is described in the EndNote documentation but I can’t find the relevant explanation.  Could someone point me to it?

You guessed right - the information is in the pdf manual but may also be retrieved via “Help” on the toolbar. Go to the EndNote toolbar, click  HELP, CONTENTs then type “Reference type” in the.“Index” tab’s search window type-in: Reference type.  Under ths sublist, locate and click to select: adding or deleting fields.

I have a similar question. I am not looking to modify or delete, but rather add more fields than those available on the ref type menu. Does anybody know if I can add customizable fields to a reference type (i.e. Journal article) other than the default 10 blanks? If so, is there a limit?

The number of fields cannot be increased. If you’ve used up the “Custom” fields and need more fields then you can resort to  renaming pre-existing fields which aren’t needed for the output style templates or for your particular research needs.